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The Mood Eats Story

Born from principles of the exciting, emerging field of nutritional psychiatry — which suggests that certain foods may help boost mood, sharpen focus and ease anxiety — Mood Eats delivers both a delicious and nutritious snack in individual bars.

As a practicing psychiatrist, Dr. Wendy Wolfson has seen for herself that true wellness is attained by integrating a wholesome diet, staying physically fit and maintaining strong, meaningful relationships. Medicine can certainly play a part in achieving emotional health, but promising research now indicates that natural ingredients can be used to protect the brain and help it function properly. Luckily, all of the foods are also delicious.

And the research is fascinating.

In order to better inform her own patients (and herself), Dr. Wolfson examined multiple studies determining if certain foods are beneficial to brain health. She then enthusiastically came up with the idea of packaging these superfoods into one super convenient bar. Loaded with antioxidants, phytonutrients and anti-inflammatories, each flavor was developed to target a specific cognitive function, i.e. area of mood, that could use a little help. Feeling run down or low? Bananas, containing tryptophan and B6, are shown to lift spirits. Need to focus? The L-theanine in green tea calms the mind, fostering attention.

Knowledge is power. Mood Eats aims to provide education by using quality products based on the latest scientific information so that you may easily take charge of how you feel. And we’ll keep things accessible — no Latin here.