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The Bars

Mood Eats bars were purposely developed to enhance your state of mind and support positive mood with nature delivering everything we need to get back on track. Non-GMO and Gluten Free, 11g of Protein delivers energy while 10g of Fiber keeps things moving right along. A wise snack option crammed with a surprising amount of good for you foods. Trendy kale is even packed in there –we bet you wouldn’t notice if we didn’t mention it. Flavorful and beneficial, that’s what we’re aiming for.

And every ingredient in a Mood Eats bar has a reason to be in there. Emerging evidence seems to point to inflammation as a major player in mood regulation. Whether acting as an anti-inflammatory or raising dopamine levels, research suggests consuming more of these sensible foods assists in healthy brain function, especially when it comes to feeling good. Nutrition as a treatment tool. We can’t claim that we’ve wrapped a cure* in chocolate but we do have science on our side when it comes to contributing what just might help. A natural, empowered approach to eating and well-being.